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*** Have a look at our new special project, El Dorado. Does this mythical city really exist? See what Years 5 and 6 think... ***

Our pupils’ publishing website is an ongoing project to showcase our writing.


Maryland’s headteacher, Lorna Jackson and deputy Lorraine Cooper, were inspired on a research trip to Sweden in 2015 when they saw how schools are using the internet and social networking to motivate pupils to engage in writing. Sweden is at the forefront in Europe of integrating ICT in schools and there was much to learn from their rapid success in this area.

The key idea to integrating ICT into the curriculum in order to prepare young children for further education and adulthood, is to use ICT to PRODUCE something, rather than simply to USE it as an interactive tool, which children are excellent at anyway through educational and leisure games.

Without the same resourcing as our Swedish counterparts, we at Maryland felt we are still able to replicate some of the wonderful work we saw and get our children excited about becoming authors with a potentially large online audience.

Although what you see here has been marked by teachers and their peers and edited, there will still be mistakes. The children are expected to return to their writing over the months and continue to correct and improve it. We invite you to use the contact page to respond with suggestions and we’ll pass those on to the authors.


We hope you enjoy delving into our children’s writing.

  Head Teacher    Lorna Jackson

Head Teacher

Lorna Jackson