Aizah,  Class 11

               Aizah,  Class 11


CHAPTER 1 - The advertisement

CHAPTER 2 - Choose me!

Maryland Primary School

                                                                                         Gurney Road


                                                                                         E15 1SL

                                                                                         22nd March 2016

European Space Operations Centre

Robert-Bosch Strasse 5


Dear Major Peake,

I am writing to enter the competition’ take me into space’.With my skills I think I think I am the perfect candidate for the job. In this letter I will explain why I should be chosen.

Firstly, I want to go because I want to see the best view of space and seeing space would be the most unforgettable moment of my life. Secondly, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to become an astronaut it has been my one goal to achieve since I was 5. Lastly, being in zero gravity is almost like flying and we all know that it is impossible to fly on planet Earth. To experience flying would be like my body is lighter.

I should go because I am a world class scientist and I have lead global experiments on biology. For example blowing a bubble inside a bubble. Secondly I should get chosen because in my maths test I got 99% and this will be important because it will help me with technology. Thirdly I should go because I am an expert at fitting in small spaces because I  love rock climbing and caving. Life on the ISS will be very compact Lastly I should go because I am fit and healthy and I do a variety of different sports for example football, basketball and netball. Astronauts have to be healthy because if they are ill they might die.

You might say a lot of people will want to apply but I have the advantage that nobody else has because I am very energetic and I can run a marathon in a very short amount of time I am a girl and girls are better astronauts because their bodies are slightly smaller than a boys, so I would be better to experience weightlessness.

I am sure that you will agree to this because if I lose this opportunity it will feel like, you didn’t pick the worlds best astronaut. Please reply

Yours sincerely



CHAPTER 3 - Launch day


Dear Diary

As I gaze out the porthole on our planet I’m stuck by the technology that delivered us to the space station. Today when just 100 years ago the horse was still the common form of transport. Just 24 hours ago I was in the crew quarters at our landing in Kazakhstan getting ready for the journey of a lifetime.

Preparation has taken two years, training in a cave for twelve days has been challenging because it was absolutely pitch black and it was the scariest feeling in my life. Going underwater was an extreme environment because we were floating like I was in zero gravity. This job felt like no other I felt treasure every moment.

It was time for my launch to the ISS. Everyone was counting down the seconds till the take off 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3...2..1.. BLASTOFF !!! The spacecraft was going so fast at 90 MPH up in the sky,suddenly the boosters dropped. When we reached zero gravity I felt an extremely hard punch which almost made me jump out of my seat belt. I looked at the porthole and it turned from blue to black. I started to think about days back on Earth. I was feeling calm and happy.

As soon as I entered the docking I climbed and floated to the hatch I knew I was the first child to enter space. Floating really felt like flying! Everyone called me Major Aizah, It was a moment i’ll never forget.

I started some tea and it tasted delicious although when the kettle boils the heat is about two times more warmer than Earth. I am going to go on the treadmill today and I am going to try as hard as I can so I’ll be ready for my Marathon in space

Goodnight Diary

CHAPTER 4 - My mission

CHAPTER 5 - Newspaper report