Alexandra, class 12

                        Alexandra, class 12

CHAPTER 1 - The advertisement

CHAPTER 2 - Choose me!

Maryland Primary School

Gurney road,


 E15 ISL


ESA fly

Tenby road

Los Angeles

Sk14 f23


Dear Major Peake

I am writing to apply to be one of those people that will be going to space. You may find it unexpected for a ten year old applying to go to space but if you carry on reading you will understand the reason that made me decide this way.

The reasons I want to apply because it is a dream of mine to do so .Not only that because I want to prove people wrong that say I won’t make it. The reason I think I am perfect for this part is because I can speak 5 languages at this age which are English, German, Spanish, Hungarian and Japanese. This is because of my granddad, who is a pilot .He has also taught me how to fly a plane. My mum is a nurse she knows about what I need to eat, which does mean I would be able to fit into the space rocket. In addition she has taught me how to help people if they have a particular illness.

You may say no because taking a child into space is dangerous and space is not a playground but would you take a child into space who knows 5 language or a man who only speak English?

My dad is a scientist so he helps me a lot. This is the reason I got 99 % in my Science test.

I hope you can see I am a good option. Please pick me.


Yours sincerely


CHAPTER 3 - Launch day

Dear dairy,

I can’t believe it! I made it to space!  I have been here fora whole week .It is one of the most extraordinary place I ever went to. Everybody was cheering when I made my way to space and ready to take my place as first child in space. But best part happened 2 years ago when I was picked to go to space. Good times I say.

It took 2 years of training to become a great space child. My favourite lesson was to learn what to do if a meteorite appealed during the flight to the ISS so that the journey would be safe.

The launch was amazing but I have to admit that I was terrified but I knew that it was a job like no other. The rocket went up like a bullet and then in the porthole and the most interesting thing happened. At first, white light came in through the porthole, then light blue and then dark blue. During the light blue light, came through the boosters. They came flying off and after a while we reached 0 gravity and l was about to sleep but luckily   I awoke from the jump of zero G. I could NOT wait.

When I saw the ISS twinkling in the sky. I knew I was close to the moment of my life. When I took the first step, I was already being greeted by my crew members. I was pretty proud at myself for doing this challenge. I also said Neil Armstrong’s words but I changed it a little bit.” one small step for me one huge step for children.

The first   24 hours were pretty rough it was really hard for my brain because it is not used to gravity but now I am just fine. During the holiday shall call my family.

My life is a treasure.


CHAPTER 4 - My mission