Anjalie, Class 12

Anjalie, Class 12

CHAPTER 1 - The Advertisement

CHAPTER 2 - Choose me!

ESA Company

Tetford Road


Los Angeles SK3 FPI    

Maryland Primary School

Gurney Road


London E15 1SL

24TH March 2016


Dear Major Peake,


I am writing to you in the hope that you will choose me to be the 10-year old child that will go into space, as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity which means I might not get the chance to do it again. Space is a place that goes on forever and no one knows what else could be there other than the Solar System. It has always been a dream of mine because I will get to discover and learn more astronomy, which I didn’t know before. Also, it might be our home in the future, which would be very exciting!

Firstly, I think that I am friendly and get on with people in my school, so I will welcome the crew members kindly and the manner I would like to be treated. Also, I have learnt Russian because if my crew is Russian, there is no problem at all. My next reason is that many of my classmates say that I am the smartest girl in my year group and this will help us when we do the science experiments.


My third and last reason is that I have studied science. Not all children have studied science and maybe they haven’t studied anything at all. You may say that there are plenty of other children like me, however, they all may not want to go into space as much as I do. They probably did it because they want to be famous! But I, truly want to go into outer-space.

I hope that you understand my words and that an intelligent person like you will make a considered decision. I am looking forward for your reply and thank you for reading my letter.

Yours Sincerely,

      Anjalie John.


CHAPTER 3 - Launch day


Dear Diary,

Phew, I’m so happy that’s finished! That was a big day and it’s finally over. I think one of my favourite experience was looking out of the porthole and gazing at the magnificent Earth, which looked like a giant ball to me. First of all, I had to train. I mean you can’t go to space just like that. I had to go from Johnson to Houston to Moscow and all this training was making me tired and I was sweating a lot. Obviously, l had a crew to go with, although the crew members were Russian, so l had to learn how to speak Russian. While l was doing my training, l put a lot of concentration into it and treasured every single moment of it. It was all very exciting and extraordinary.

Going into space was a job like no other. I went inside the space rocket and said goodbye to my friends and family, just like the other crew members did. We checked if the engines were stable, and they were. The crew and I were strapped into our seats, waiting for the rocket to launch. The countdown was finished and there was a loud thundering noise. As we had the jump of 0 gravity, the boosters dropped away. After this, the gravity was 10 times as harder so my head was feeling so heavy and my emotions were a mixture of happiness, calmness and coolness and I was thanking all the people who gave good luck to me on Earth.

I was the first crew member to get on board the International Space Station and I am so proud to be here right now. I feel as brave as a superhero after finishing an important mission. I remember Armstrong’s historic words, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” and I think of it every time l look at the moon. Also, l think tea here is a bit better than on Earth, which is a plus.

I call home and tell my mum that l have reached the ISS. I am tired but also elated at the same time. The first 24 hours were rough because it was hard not to have the same routine as on Earth, however, l think l got the hang of it. I am really looking forward to the London Marathon and I’m still practising, but I feel very exhausted and I’m looking forward for another day in space.


Anjalie John  

CHAPTER 4 - My mission