Ayomide, Class 11

Ayomide, Class 11


CHAPTER 1 - The advertisement

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CHAPTER 2 - Choose me!

CHAPTER 3 - Launch day

13.08.18 Dear Diary

Training was amazing because I got to do somersaults .It was a six hour journey to space and  I was feeling dizzy because it was going very very

I was the first girl astronaut  in the  ISS.I had to grab onto the handles to climb into my new home. When I look outside the window it was pitch black. I could see the stars glowing in my face it was amazing  .   When I got in there it felt like have it was so fantastic. I could not believe it finished .

As we entered the space station  I felt full of emotion  of  my first fly in the space. I was felt with every part of my body the joy of  space views. Before I went to bed my memories of the floating came to my head ,and my mouth make a big smile “I was the first child in space!”

Training was amazing because I got to do backflips in . It was six hours journey to space I was feeling dizzy because I was floating around.It was also cool because I was the first child into space.


CHAPTER 4 - My mission