Bobbie, Class 12

Bobbie, Class 12

CHAPTER 1 - The advertisement

CHAPTER 2 - Choose me!

European space operations                                                              

Robert-Bosch Strasse 5                                                                                         

Maryland Primary school

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Dear Major Peake,

I want to be the first child into space because I am ready for this kind of adventure.

I can speak Russian so that I can communicate with the other astronauts. I am hard working, so I can do all my own house work without no help or struggle. I am really perfect at working with others. I always work well in a team no matter where I am and what I am doing. I will always use good manners.

It has been my life dream to be the first child ever to go into space. I am interested in space and all of the experiments that I am going to do.

Please pick me.

Bobbie Anderson

CHAPTER 3 - Launch day

Dear diary, 

Today was the day. I finally launched into space . As soon as I got on the rocket I got strapped to the seat , because if something happened we needed someone to cover .

This journey was quite long, but it was ok .

In space Earth looks tiny . 

Me experience of zero gravity was when we got to the ISS. I was floating everywhere. I bumped my head on the wall and did a back flip. 

 Tomorrow my jobs will be cleaning the toilets, and I hope there are experiments to do. If you want a nice clean space you have to clean everything yourself. 

CHAPTER 4 - My mission