Here are some examples of our writing in November 2016. We had to write a story based on this frightening picture.

Harris Burdick story stimulus.PNG

THE BOOK by Omar Kamran

He warned her about the book. Now it was too late. Sarah was in her bedroom, her chest moving up and down peacefully. Besides her was a book that laid on her bed awkwardly.  Fromthe spine of the book, an olive green shoot shot up. After that, more shoots shot up. Second by second, the shoots grew larger and larger, thicker and thicker. As it crawled up her arm, Sarah brushed it off, thinking it was nothing until it grabbed her. She pulled her arm rapidly, her bleary eyes blinking. She could see now. Her eyes grew wider as she spotted the plant…

 A few hours ago, Sarah was at the National Portrait Gallery. She was wandering mindlessly in circles until she tripped over a pool that said “no entry”. In her mind, she was thinking if she should enter or not. Very intrigued, Sarah stepped onto the first step. When she got to the top, she found out that it was an attic. When she walked across the creaky floorboards, she spotted a book in the never ending darkness. She liked the cover, so Sarah took it. As she left, she met an old man who croaked to her, “that book is bad news, bad news I say. Beware!”

 Back in the jungle-like bedroom, the plants had taken over. From the roof, overgrowth dangled down. The greens knotted themselves around the door as well as the window. Sarah was trapped.

 Her mouth opened to bellow help but nothing came out. She was frozen in fear. Suddenly she saw the roots. As she realised the situation the plant grew bigger. One of her eyebrows went up as she thought of a plan. As soon as she had a plan Sarah sprung up wasting no time and the pillow fell onto the carpet. The ground absorbed the pillow.  As she saw that, she thought if she should throw the book in. Sarah had to do it no matter what would happen. The book fell off the bed in slow motion. When it hit the floor with a thud, the plants circled the book. After about two microseconds, all the plants dived in, head first to munch up the tasty meal. Nothing happened at first, however after five minutes the plants shrivelled up and disappeared. Sarah shrieked for joy as the monstrous plant was banished.

THE BOOK. By Batul, aged 9

Please visit Class 12's page to see the results of the poetry workshop with poet, Neal Zetter, attended by six Year 5 children in January 2017.

Poet Neal Zetter with six of our Year 5 children at the January 2017 workshop held at Stratford Library

Poet Neal Zetter with six of our Year 5 children at the January 2017 workshop held at Stratford Library