Flood leaflet

Here are some examples of our writing in January 2017.   As part of our 'Elements' theme, we gave pupils the scenario that the school was going to be flooded the following day. We designed an action plan and wrote an advisory leaflet on how to minimise flood damage. 

We had to consider the following criteria:

•What is below 30cm (the predicted level the water would rise to) that water will damage?

•What can we keep dry? What can’t we keep dry?

•Can we prevent the water from getting into the school? How?

•How will we do without electricity?

•What arrangements must be made to provide lunch?







Here are some examples of our writing in November 2016. We had to write a story based on this frightening picture.

Fantasy Story by Nikita (Aged 10)

 Vicky was an entirely normal 11 year old girl. At school she was fascinated about her Greek mythology studies. One night she fell asleep with a mysterious book beside her. As the ashes from an unknown monster started oozing out of the book it soon created an evil monster which had bloody eyes and smoke was coming out of its massive nostrils. As the monster was slouched in Vicky’s bedroom it cursed her to have nightmares for 50 years. It was the sort of curse that could only be treated by magic that was in the book.

 10 days previously, Vicky was in the library looking for any books about  Ancient Greek Gods. After about 20 minutes of searching she gave up and went to the librarian to ask for some help. When the librarian led her to the books, Vicky noticed a shiny book that was adjacent to the book she needed. As it glowed invitingly, instead of going for the book she needed, she chose  that one. She got so distracted that she went to the librarian and asked if she could borrow the book. The librarian said, “NO!” in a really stern voice and instructed her to put it back. Vicky got really annoyed and instead of following what the librarian said, she sneaked away with the book.

 That night when Vicky was in her bed about to fall asleep, she made sure she put her book on her bed to keep it safe. When she finally fell asleep, the mysterious book started to creak open and some ashes fell from the book onto the cold wooden floor. After about 3 minutes it formed into a slumped and disgusting monster that was dribbling slime. Vicky was starting to wake up from the noise of his breathing just in time to see its blood-curdling eyes and to hear it curse her to have nightmares for a whole 50 years. What would be able to break the curse?

 Well, of course her parents would do anything for her and to keep her well so they questioned her about how the curse came about. When they managed to calm her down, she confessed about the book.

 Vicky’s father thought that if the book caused the curse, it might be able to reverse it. They all scrambled to find the book. Nervously, he opened the book. About half way through he read these words, “The only way to reverse the curse of the monster who lives in this book, is to find a feather of a golden eagle and put it into warm water and drink it with the feather.”

 Luckily they lived in Scotland, so were able to find a feather on the edge of a nearby cliff face. They did as the book instructed and Vicky had no more nightmares.

 After that Vicky always followed instructions

Class 11 in 2016-17

Class 11's books: 

 Ms Boreham, Assistant Headteacher and Class 11 teacher, with some of her students.

Ms Boreham, Assistant Headteacher and Class 11 teacher, with some of her students.


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