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Year 5's work 2017

Flood leaflet

Here are some examples of our writing in January 2017.   As part of our 'Elements' theme, we gave pupils the scenario that the school was going to be flooded the following day. We designed an action plan and wrote an advisory leaflet on how to minimise flood damage. 

We had to consider the following criteria:

•What is below 30cm (the predicted level the water would rise to) that water will damage?

•What can we keep dry? What can’t we keep dry?

•Can we prevent the water from getting into the school? How?

•How will we do without electricity?

•What arrangements must be made to provide lunch?

What is a flood?

A flood is when rivers,seas or even oceans overflow their banks due to either too much rain , melted snow/ice , storms or high tide.

Problems/how to solve or prevent?

If there were a flood, turn off all electricity and gas because it is very dangerous. Also , take all babies , toddlers and valuable items to higher ground. If you are ever caught in a flash flood immediately call for emergency help before power lines shut down. Please remember two things:

  • In any flood, there will always be risk to life
  • As well as babies also protect elderly, but most importantly yourself

In the case of floods wear wellington boots and you should probably prepare spare clothes as the clothes you are currently wearing are most likely to get wet.

Whilst in a flood, it is important to be very careful, as up to 15 cm of  water can knock someone of their feet. If you are in a flood you should always bring emergency food and drinking water , as you should definitely not drink the flood water (it may be contaminated). Floods may contain a lot of bacteria and carries diseases.

If you are in school during the flood, I recommend removing all work E.G books, work, E.T.C.

Don’t worry!

In order to conclude this, you should just try to stay safe in any flood that you seem to be involved in. It is important that you never panic, especially around water as it is most likely to cause an effect on you. when you’re panicking you should always care for others as well as yourself and try to wear warm clothes. Last but not least, here are two emergency numbers you can ring in the UK:

  • 999
  • 112

If you are in the UK and are in need of help or are in danger, please feel free to use those numbers. Also if you are ever scared just visit the website https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/

By Destinee John-Jules


What is a flood?

A flood is when the bank is full  of water and then it starts to overflow and then it spreads out but once it’s spreads out, buildings start having water in them and it could be dangerous. A flood is caused by lots of heavy droplets of rain or when the snow melts. Floods happen a lot of places and some survived by using boats. There are slow floods and there are also flash floods - a flash flood is a flood which comes in really fast, if it is really fast then it could just give one swift wave and then you could get drowned.

What things could happen during a flood?

A variety of things could get damaged including, the school pets and if they aren’t safe then they will be in danger. The next thing would be lunch. What will you eat for lunch if the electric is off? You will starve. If there is no water supply how will we drink?

Your shoes might wet and then your socks  and your foot will be soggy and covered with water and there could be plenty of other things that might be below 30cm that will get wet and if the water starts to rise up really high, then you might not even survive.

How can you solve the problem 

If you have school pets, you can put them in their shelter and place it in a higher location. When the electric is off, the lunches can’t be cooked, so ask your parents to make a non-cooked sandwich and then make it as pack lunch. If there isn’t any water supply, then you can bring bottled water. When your shoes are wet, you can bring wellington boots to protect your feet and legs. Last but not least, if there are other things below 30cm, put them in a higher place. And if you forget to put the children’s work in a safer place then it could get wet and then the children will get extremely miserable and then they will say that they did the work for nothing. However the thing that you really need to protect is your life.

Extra information

If you arevulnerable, call 999 for help. Make sure you are wearing a high-vis jacket to protect you. You can go to your phone and get some news on it. The safest thing is to stay at your home and go to the highest place so then you won’t drown and then you will be safer.

By An-Qi Chen


How to survive a flood  

What to do if there is a flood

If there is a flood and it is getting higher take all your valuables and find somewhere high to put them.

Being safe in a flood

If there are any electrical cables or sockets low to the ground, you can put some duct tape on it so you don’t get electrocuted. Also you could put sandbags around the door to stop water from coming in.                                      

Keeping your pets safe

If you have a pet you can bring it with you wherever you go to somewhere high. If you can’t find any local place that is safe then you can send then to an animal sanctuary.

Keeping in touch with the news

If you have a phone you can go to BBC news section to find out about what is happening around the world. This is important so you are aware about any flood or anything that could harm you.

Damage to property

If you live near the coast and there is a flood near there I would advise you to evacuate your house now. In addition, to that if you have a valuable property  try and keep it safe. You might not think your phone is important but with it you can keep up to date with the latest news.

Who to call

If you have a phone you could either call 999 or you just call anyone else you know that can help. If you don’t have a phone just run away in the opposite direction of the flood.

Effects of a flood

Even though low water is not harmful to us, beware that just 15cm of it could knock you off your feet. They can also cause viruses, allergic reactions, diseases and much more.

Duct tape

Duct tape is more useful than you think. This is because you can use it to make sure that you secure your door to make sure no water will come in.

By Aaron Ishaq


Here is an example of our writing in November 2016. We had to write a story based on this frightening picture.

The Unexpected Journey      by Marielle Salada 

 As I wandered around in my garden, I saw something shiny in thebushes. No, it was not a coin. Coins do not have purple particles around them. Instead, it was a shiny, gold book, pretty as heaven. Just as I was about to grab it, out came a weird looking man in a long, black coat. “You better be careful,” He declared. “Leaving that book open while sleeping will give you serious consequences.” I didn’t really trust him, though. In a blink of an eye, he disappeared.

 That night, I left my book wide open to see if he was talking the truth, he was obviously lying. Obviously. As I was sleeping, I felt a brush of leaves on my legs. I tried to brush them away but it didn’t work at all. It swirled around my whole body and it felt really weird. I tried to shake it off but it didn’t work. I didn’t even want to open my eyes! Then, curiosity hit me. UGH. My eyes shot open but all I could see was pitch black. It was really chilly and I tried to move. My eyes looked down. There were vines. I pinched myself really hard to check if I was dreaming. OW! That really hurt, so I wasn’t dreaming. This will be a long day.

 After a few minutes, trying to figure out how to get out of the vines and escape the dark tunnel, I saw a dark red light going my way. Every inch it moved, the bigger the light got, I started to get an uneasy feeling about this. I squinted my eyes to pretend I was sleeping, and, of course it did not work at all. Man, what a lovely start!

“Who are you?” she asked, I opened my eyes fully expecting to see a princess. It was better than that. It was a fairy! A VAMPIRE fairy! Oh my gosh! Still I was a bit frightened but she was so awesome!

“C-Charlotte!” I stammered. I hate it when I stammer, it’s just so annoying. She had perfect pointy teeth (excellent for biting), bright red shiny hair and ripped clothes. She really looked pretty, though. “I- I came from a fairy kingdom. T- They cursed me and sent me out.” She started crying her eyes out. We talked for a while and it all made sense. All the fairies hated her. Correction, her dad. So they kicked out the whole family.

“I- I have powers?” I questioned, not sure how I got powers. “Yes you do. Your family have been holding it for generations.” Answered Bella, (The vampire fairy) so they’ve been holding it.

 “You can un-curse me.” She added. WHAT!? And that was my reaction. She led me up to the open space and taught me the trick/spell. I tried it on her and it worked! “Thank you very much.” She thanked me. I felt really dizzy and it felt as if I would vomit. After the blackout, I woke up back in my bed. Hmmm, that was a great adventure. I wonder if I could do that again…


In January 2017, six of our Year 5 children enjoyed a poetry workshop at Stratford Library with poet, Neal Zetter. He performed some of his amusing poems and led the children’s writing workshop. Our children worked in groups with children from 3 other Newham schools, writing and performing poems they’d written together.  Individually children wrote their poems on the theme of a love of books. Read on to sample some of their poems from the day. At the end is one of Neal Zetter's poems for you to enjoy.  For more, you can visit his website at  https://www.cccpworkshops.co.uk.

Reading is succeeding            by Lorenzo

My book is amazing    by Teodora

Teodora poem.PNG

...and here is one of Neal's poems that we loved when he performed it for us at the workshop: