Class 13 contents 2015/16

-Elspeth Cole, newsletter sub-editor. Selected articles 2014/15 and 2015/16

-Zahraa Mahmoud, head girl.  Maryland Primary School brochure, 'The Maryland Experience'

Our school newsletter, sub-editor, Elspeth Cole, has been contributing every month to our school newsletter since she was in Year 5. Here are some examples of her informative articles, including her last one for the July 2016 issue before moving on to secondary school:

From July 2016 issue  


On Monday 20th June, Maryland had their first ever Evening of Music and Dance and it was fantastic! We had yr5 and 6 ECaM children performing, they played us songs such as Love yourself and Happy Birthday—we even had children compose their own songs! Our wonderful Maryland choir performed so many moving and joyful songs (which made Mrs Jackson cry and boogie). Luckily the microphone gremlins decided not to pay a visit. Maryland Movers performed three dances. The competition dance from The Great Big Dance Off and the 80s hit Fame! They also did the Fleur East song, Sax. Everybody enjoyed the wonderful show put on and all the acts were truly extraordinary, Nobody can wait for the next big show!

On 24th June we had a very special event. We had a live debate between the Senior Leadership Team and our very own debate team. The intensity was tangible! The motion was, 'This house would ban homework' and SLT were fighting for homework to stay and the debate team for homework to go. The Maryland debate team won by just a little but both teams were incredible and it was definitely close!

As this is my last article for the Maryland newsletter I wanted to write a bit about what's its like to be sub-editor. First of all, a HUGE thank you to Mrs Cooper, as without her help and support, I wouldn't be writing this article! Writing for the newsletter has helped a lot with my writing skills and grammar, its been a wonderfully fun time doing this and I’ve been able to express mine and others opinions on matters in school. Mrs Cooper and I have even added in a new segment to the newsletter– Text detectives. I have so enjoyed my time writing for the newsletter and my time at this school in general. I am  grateful to all the teachers for all the opportunities Maryland has given me. 

From May 2016 issue


A Maryland student has raised over £1000 for charity, by cutting her long hair! Reesha (cl.9) has raised this huge sum of money for The Little Princess Trust, a charity helping children with cancer. My friend Mehreen and I interviewed her to find out about how she did it and all about the process.

 She told us that her inspiration was pop star Jessie J, who shaved off all of her hair for charity. Rheesha chose that charity as she knew it would go to little girls her age who had lost their hair, she didn’t want them to feel left out as they are just like her yet they are very ill.

 We asked how she raised the money and she explained that her mum had put up a giving website where anyone could givemoney to sponsor her.

The goal to raise was £350, as that is how much money it costs to make a wig, but she surpassed that by a long way! Her friends, family and neighbours helped her raise the money. The night before she cut her hair she said “I was extremely nervous and pressured and didn’t want to go through with it” but she had supportive surroundings and she did it!

 She knew all about the charity and told us that her hair would be used to make a wig and she was so very proud of herself.

 This is a huge achievement and Reesha said that it gave her such a sense of pride that she had done something this amazing” - she would definitely encourage it. She was even mentioned in the Newham Recorder! We were amazed when we found out what she did and congratulate her on her bravery, I'm sure she will never forget it!


From March  2016 issue

On the 18th January, Year 6 went to Stratford Circus and saw a dance performance about the life of the extraordinary choreographer, Akram Khan. I am speaking on behalf of almost all of the Year 6 pupils when I say that it was a breath-taking display.

Akram is one of today’s most respected dance artists and has won numerous awards for his creativity and choreography.

When we saw the performance, there was a dancer –playing Akram Khan– who showed how his father didn't want him to grow up to be a dancer, but take over the restaurant that he owned. The animation and movements in the dance got me lost in the story, almost the whole year group were disappointed when it ended—despite the behaviour of the school behind us!

We were able to talk to the dancer (and producer) andwe asked questions about what we had just seen. We found out a lot of interesting things about the dance and were even able to be taught some of the hand movements by the performer! We all thoroughlyenjoyed the show and learned so much about the hugely celebrated and loved artist!

Well done and good luck to Maryland Movers 

From February 2016 issue

Congratulations to Maryland Movers who have made it to the second round of The Great Big Dance Off!

As she does every year, Miss Steele has entered them into a dance competition. How-ever, this year it is different. Usually, they enter into The Red Cross Dance Make Your Move competition, but this year they have entered the Great Big Dance Off. For the first round of this competition they had to send off a video of the rough copy of their dance, which is about a girl in her bedroom reading a fairy tale when, suddenly, her toys come to life around her… 

This competition is for primary schools and secondary schools only, so no professional dance schools!

 The second round is going to take place in Wimbledon and they are all extremely excited and arelooking forward to the day when they get to perform their dance.

 On a different note, a huge well done to Yuniea who has won a bike through the Be Bright, Be Seen campaign to raise awareness of how dangerous cycling in winter can be and showing people how to make sure they are seen. She designed the best poster and as the winner , she won an amazing bike!

Fairplay House 2015

From November 2015 issue

As usual this year, our year 6s went on a trip to Fairplay House. This is a 2½ day trip to a house where the year 6s stay overnight and do four cool activities. This time we took part in high ropes, canoeing, zipwire and caving. Most of us enjoyed caving most of all because of the enjoyablechallenges such as the lights out challenge where every child had to switch off their head light and crawl around the caves. ‘The squeeze’ looked impossible. Wehad to fit through a tiny cave system one by one, like toothpaste being squeezed out of a tube!

 However, this trip is not just for fun. It is very important as the children learn how to be independent by doing chores that parents normally spoil them by doing for example, making their own beds, making lunch, cleaning up from lunch and setting up dinner and all whilst having fun with friends. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and I hope the school will carry on doing it as I had a lot of fun and enjoyed every single activity there as well as learning a very important life lesson.


From September 2015

For the first time ever at Maryland we had a Japan Day. On Monday 13th July we had some Japanese visitors that went into some classes and did a few workshops with the children. We had a Manga artist who showed the children how to do some cool cartoon techniques, and we had an origami activity where the children made some samurai warrior hats out of Japanese newspapers. Other children learnt a game a bit like ‘rock, paper, scissors,’ which they presented to the whole school in a sharing assembly at the end of the day. We also had some children learn how to use the abacus to work out maths problems! And finally some children learnt a little bit about karate, but, not only did we have Japanese visitors we also had a Japanese lunch! We served foods like teriyaki chicken! At the end of the day, children got to stand up in front of the whole school in a special assembly and tell everyone what they had learnt or show what they had created that day. I’m sure the whole school enjoyed it, including the teachers and hope we have more days like in the near future.                


From June 2015 issue

For poetry day this year at Maryland we invited poet Libby Houston to come and share some of her knowledge of poetry with the children! We invited her because one of her poems (The Dragonfly) is featured in one of our test papers called Changes.

 On the day, Libby came and shared with us some of her poems, and worked with us on how to write poems and different types of poems. Throughout the school, each child had to write a poem and one child from each class was chosen to share their poem in front of the school and Libby Houston!

 Libby is not only a poet but she is also a botanist and has a tree named after her called the Houston Whitebeam.

 Bernice from class 12 said that, “Not only was it interesting but I think it helped children boost their creative side of writing.” I am sure we all found the day enjoyable, interesting and a pleasure to meet Libby Houston.

Libby Houston with a Houston Whitebeam tree.

Libby Houston with a Houston Whitebeam tree.


Aisha, Class 12, wrote this poem about her dream garden.

 Jittering tadpoles moving free

Leaves falling off a whitebeam tree

Many animals come out of hiding

Butterflies flutter through the air

Squirrels running around with furry hair

Onions growing.


Chirping birds on the tops of trees

Buzzing loudly come the bees

Nothing’s ever out of place

There is never a race

Everybody comes here for tea       


The Maryland Experience.

By Zahraa Mahmoud

Zahraa is the school's head girl for the year 2015/16. The Year 6 pupils were given a writing task to devise a brochure about Maryland Primary to attract parents who might wish to send their child to a school in our catchment area. This is hers: