Welcome to Year 4.

Scroll down to see our pupil's accomplished work at Maryland.


All work below the line was written when the children were in Year 3,  2017/18.

Please scroll down for our best pieces of writing in 2018! 

Darim wrote this rhyming couplet, below,  poem all about Halloween. We are very proud of this poem because of the way that he has used interesting words and kept the rhythm, excellent standards for a year 3 pupil. Well done Darim!

Below, is a retelling of the famous fairy tale 'Hansel and Gretel'. We have published this piece of work as Mohamed Ali is new to learning English, he has really worked hard on his handwriting, to write cursively. He is very proud of this writing, particularly using speech marks and some very interesting verbs. Well done Mohamed Ali!

Muhammad Ali.jpg

'Something Fishy' is a story by Ibrahim. He wrote it after seeing a film of a strange ocean found in a washing machine, the socks became fish, the trousers became sharks! A very strange and mesmerising land...

We are proud of his choice of vocabulary and the way that he describes what happens to his main character in this fantasy story.