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There is a persuasive poster designed by Julia and Jethro advertising a position in space.

All work below the line was written when the children were in Year 4,  2017/18.

Here are some examples of our writing in November 2016. We had to write a story based on this frightening picture.

The girl who ignored advice. By Ella  (Aged 7)

As Lizzy fell asleep with the book wide open in her hands, slowly leaves and branches started to creep out of her book. They were moving up her arm and tickling her. 

 Earlier in the day she went down to the bookshop.  She loved the magic section so she went to get a book from there. She found an old, dusty magical book, she wanted badly to have that one. Then she went to the shopkeeper and asked “Can I have this book?” Once the owner saw which book she wanted he said “You can have this book, but you can only read it in the day before the sun sets”. Lizzie left in a hurry and as soon as she got home, she dived into it. She lost track of time.

As her eyes opened wide she felt something  grab her tightly, not just on her arm but on her whole body. She was breathing extremely fast, her heart was pounding and she was terrified. She blinked for a second, and the next thing you know she was in another place.

 Suddenly she woke up, she was shaking! She quickly sat up. She was in total blackness. There was nothing to see. She heard a spooky noise. It sound like “Ka ka ka kaaa”. But then she realised it was night time, that’s why she couldn’t see anything. She was petrified. Just then she saw a speck of light. She presumed it must be the crack of dawn. When it was daytime she went and found some people. She asked “How do you get out of here?” They said “There is no way out”.

 Lizzie’s mother went to wake her up in the morning, but her bed was empty. She found a book with dead leaves growing out of it.

 So from that day to this, she was never seen again!

                                                                       ___________________________________                                                                          By Ilja, aged 7

She peacefully fell asleep with the book wide open in her hands. Slowly leaves and branches started to creep out of her book. She started to open her eyes the leaves started to grow faster and tighter. She saw leaves she pulled as hard as she could but the book was stronger than her.

Early on that day she went into an old book shop. She went to the shop keeper and asked where the magic books were. She was so excited her eyes were glowing. She spotted an old magical book. She blown it shiny colors came out. She went to pay, but the shop keeper said
"do not read this book at night only during the day".

That night the girl wanted to read it. She fell asleep. Leaves started to grow. They wrapped her whole body. Tightly she started to breathe heavily. Her heart was pounding. She was frightened she was teleported into a magical land where everything she had read about. She didn't want to come back to her room. She was walking around the land and found a hole in the ground. She jumped slowly into the hole then she got teleported to her house. She kissed her book.


All work below the line was written when the children were in Year 2,  2016/17.



Our work from when we were in Year 2
2015/16 - OUR WORK

Our Year 2 eco-warriors have produced a sustainability brochure with their Year 5 colleagues. Have a look below.

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