Flood leaflet

Here are some examples of our writing in January 2017.   As part of our 'Elements' theme, we gave pupils the scenario that the school was going to be flooded the following day. We designed an action plan and wrote an advisory leaflet on how to minimise flood damage. 

We had to consider the following criteria:

•What is below 30cm (the predicted level the water would rise to) that water will damage?

•What can we keep dry? What can’t we keep dry?

•Can we prevent the water from getting into the school? How?

•How will we do without electricity?

•What arrangements must be made to provide lunch?


Nika Ka Re

Nika Ka Re



Here are some examples of our writing in November 2016. We had to write a story based on this frightening picture.

The book – by Aquiles (Aged 8)

He warned her about the book. Now it was too late. Leah was asleep and the book opened. Branches slithered like snakes across her arm and the delicate leaves unfolded, tickling her hand. The thorns spiked into Leah’s arm. She wriggled in fear. When she woke up, she was on a sheep instead of in her bed and she was in a magical forest.

Rain was pouring down like a tidal wave so Leah took shelter in a cave. She grabbed two sticks and rubbed them together to make a torch to carry around. Leah brought it down with her into the depths of the cave where she found a pack of cave wolves.

Leah was covering her ears when she heard the wolves fighting for meat pieces along with the rain and thunder outside. One of the wolves came out. The wolf told her to follow his piglet friend at the top of the cave.

She followed the piglet out of the cave and through the forest. As the trees got smaller and smaller, she was able to jump from tree to tree, and finally on top an amazingly colourful dragon. The dragon turned out to be the piglet’s mum and so both the piglet and Leah rode the dragon through a magic portal which led back home. Leah went back into her room, turning only to say thank you to the piglet. She vowed never to make that mistake again.