Daniel, Class 11

Daniel, Class 11

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CHAPTER 1 - The advertisement


CHAPTER 2 - Choose me!

Maryland Primary School,

Gurney Road,


E15 1SL

27th March 2016

European Space Operation Center,


64293 Darmstadt,


Dear Major Peake,

I am writing to you To enter the competition ‘Take Me into Space.com’ competition. I would like to be chosen to be taken into space.  In this letter I will explain why I want to go and why you should choose me.

Firstly,  I want to go because of the unexplained views of Earth, space & our most recent  planet so far Secondly, I will enter the competition because space is a wonderful place and there is a lot to learn about how interesting space is and how life in space is like.

I think you should choose me because I am one of the best at critical thinking. In our class debates I always have the best answers  because I am good at arguing.  I know I’m the  best candidate for the job because  I am an excellent  team player also I’m always picked to go in the football team where I know the importance of good sportsmanship. As an Eggspert, I care for our  chickens by being  kind and helpful and  the chickens are a very good responsibility.  I always help teachers if  they need a hand or  if they need help around the school. Did you know that our school has  won  the Debate Mate 5 times in a row! We’ve also won the spelling bee twice in a row!  I am a member of school council that means that I am an role model to the school.

It will be good to take me as I can fit in small places because I’m small. Did you know that  have been caving. I’m also fit because I go to the gym and next year I am going to run a marathon for charity because I love doing fundraising .

I know you might say that many 10 year olds are saying the same thing, but I am not a  regular ten year old, I am zealous!

Yours sincerely,



CHAPTER 3 - Launch day

 Dear Diary,                                                 18.01.2018

As I gaze out of the porthole on our planet, I’m struck by the technology that delivered us to the space station today when just one hundred years ago the horse was still the common form of transport. Just twenty four hours ago I was in the crew quarters at our landing base in Kazakhstan getting ready for the journey of a lifetime. It has taken me two challenging years to train at Houston Johnson.  It has been a job like no other.  I am incredibly proud to be the first child to go into space, now my training is finished

Right now I am in the cockpit strapped up controlling the rocket with Tim Peake.  I look out of the window and I am seeing all sorts of colours, I also see Earth and it looks fantastic. I feel like I can do anything. Now we have docked on the ISS I am bouncing because there isn’t much gravity in space.

I am now entering the ISS; I am the first crew member to enter. I had to hold onto the railings and it was so cool because I was floating, it was like i was flying as well. I realised it was zero gravity because when I entered I stared to float inside the ISS and I met all the crew members.

Goodnight Diary

CHAPTER 4 - My mission