Demi, CLass12

Demi, CLass12

CHAPTER 1 - The advertisement

CHAPTER 2 - Choose me!


Stratford Town Hall,



London E15 1SL

Maryland Primary School,

Gurney Road,

London E15 1SL,

Dear ESA,

Firstly, I would be so grateful to have an amazing opportunity, to enter a contest about going into space. This has been my dream for so long. What has been inspired me is I want a challenge, to enter. This has been my life goal so I am desperate to go into space. This will be a once of a life time chance. To think that I could go into space and see the stars in 3D is mind blowing. Why wouldn’t you want to see such a dazzling sight up so close to you?


My skills that are relevant to going into space are: I can speak Russian very fluently. I am extremely fit and healthy, I only eat food that is healthy for my body. My brain is very active I am very intelligent I have A’s in every subject. If I had to pair up with anyone I am sure I would be the best in other words I am very good at working in teams and at cooperating with others. In my opinion I am not claustrophobic. Quite the opposite I am really good in small spaces.


You may not pick me because other people are like me, but I have my own techniques.


Yours sincerely,

Demi Richardson

CHAPTER 3 - Launch day


Dear Diary,

As I gaze out of the porthole on our planet I’m struck by the technology that has sent me here when just 100 years ago the horse was the common form of transport. Just 24 hours ago I was in a spaceship that was lifting me out of Earth and into space where I am now.

 To make sure that I am safe and healthy in space I have done 2 years of training to make sure I don’t die and know what to do if we bump into a micrometeor. Part of my training was learning to speak Russian so I could speak to my partners and, by the way diary, they are kind. My preparation was by getting my space suit on. This is very important to me because if I don’t have a space suit then I might die because I won’t be able to breath in space.  On this journey I don’t want it to end this early, I want it to last forever.

 I am confident that my training over the past 2 years, will keep me safe, but so far I have been safe. So, so far so good .The only thing I am still worried about is if something goes wrong on the ISS. I hope my training has made me better prepared for weightless.

 When I finally heard “1……2…..3….LIFT OFF!!!!!

I felt a shock in my bones, I just wanted to scream, “YAY, I am going into space! Hurray!” But I didn’t because if I did , my team mates might have thought I was crazy, and that is not what I want when they will stay with me through the whole journey. I really thought this day would never come but I guess I was wrong.

 Soon as I have landed on the moon, I will treasure every moment and every step of the way I hope my crewmates enjoy me. Since I have landed on the ISS it has been extraordinary, and I didn’t forget my toothbrush thankfully.

 Diary wish me luck on this amazing journey in space. 

CHAPTER 4 - My mission