Elijah, Class 12    

Elijah, Class 12



CHAPTER 1 - The advertisement

CHAPTER 2 - Choose me!



Robert-Bosch Strasse5

64293 Darmstadt       


Maryland School

Gurney Road



E15 1SL

Thursday 22nd March 2016

Dear Major Peake,                                                                                               I have always wanted to go to space and this is my only opportunity. I want to go to space because I often wished to, one day, go to space and do famous experiments that will be known all around the globe. This is my only chance and it will only come to pass if you choose me. So it’s all down to you.

As I said I often wished to go to space and I feel I would be the right person to go to space because I am a world class scientist and I’ve lead global experiments on biology and I have passed my royal air force exam, my biology exam and my science exam. So if you were clever enough you would choose me. 

Thinking ahead, you may say that I am only ten years old but, stated above, if you were clever you would pick an agreeable, agile, world class scientist, trained engineer like me. If you choose me I most certainly will not make you regret this.

Concluding this letter, I implore you to choose me as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You would be making the right choice and I will most certainly make you proud.    

Yours sincerely, 



CHAPTER 3 - Launch day


  Friday 29th January 2016

Dear Diary,      

I am going to record this day as the best day ever! I feel so happy but, at the same time I feel scared, I am confident and I know I will achieve anything I take part in .As I gaze through the ports hole on our planet I am struck by the technology that delivered us to the space station today when just 100 years ago horses was still the common form of transport.               

I was in the rocket and it looked FANTASTIC!!!! This was a job like no other. I started the launch, looked out the ports hole and said my final goodbye .I wanted to cry but I realised it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was hard to drop out the boosters, I felt happy and relaxed. IT WAS TIME FOR THE NEXT STAGE.

Docking and Entering. I feel so proud of myself. I am in the ISS! I actually just woke up so I'm going to call home.

I've called home and spoke to my wife and children and they miss me so much.

I feel so dizzy. My eyes, ears and my brain is so hard to adapt since am I am in space. Practice makes perfect, I'm going to come up here the next chance I get. I LOVE YOU SPACE!!!!


CHAPTER 4 - My mission