Jasmine, Class 12

Jasmine, Class 12

CHAPTER 1 - The advertisement

CHAPTER 2 - Choose me!

CHAPTER 3 - Launch day


Dear Diary,


As I gaze through the porthole on our planet, I’m struck by the technology that delivered us to the space station. Today when just 100 years ago the horse was still the common form of transport. Just 24 hours ago,

It took me 6 years of preparation trying to be the best English astronaut ever lived. I had to go to Russia and speak Russian to communicate with my partners (Teammates) I felt like there was treasure ever single moment. When the rocket landed I felt this is it the dream of my moment was finally here I really need to show off my skill I had a conversation with my group talking about what experiments we was going to do there and life in space was so cool I loved it, we are going to space and the power was in me so I could go up in space me and my crew had to research about space and it was 0g (0 gravity). The journey to the space station was brilliant, and when I strapped myself checking if my rocket had the power to sore through the sky and ready to go. I felt extraordinary to feel the power going through me.


As I contemplation through the porthole the rocket was so fast it was up to 1100mph (minutes per hour) which was really fast I couldn’t even think, I was so dizzy and my crew could not even concentrate. When I got on space I used the famous space phrase from Neil Armstrong “1 small step for man 1 giant leap for mankind,” space was so cool and humungous it was so wide and tall, this was a dream come true me and my crew had been waiting for this moment for years and now I finally got the chance to do this as I LOVE SPACE!!!

This  was the dream of any day and time I could not believe I am here IN SPACE!!! This was a dream I could not believe this is happening to me I WISH I COULD BE HERE IN SPACE FOREVER!!!

CHAPTER 4 - My mission

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