Jeidon , Class 11

                        Jeidon , Class 11

CHAPTER ONE - The advertisement


CHAPTER TWO - Choose me!

Maryland Primary School

Gurney Road


E15 1SL  


European Space Operations

Robert- Bosch-Strasse

64293- Darmstadt,



Dear Major Peake,

I am writing to you to enter this once in a lifetime competition; Take me into space’ With my all round science skills I would be the best candidate for this amazing job. In this letter I will explain to you why I want to go to space and why I am applying for this golden opportunity.

Firstly, I want to go to space because I want to learn more about our solar system and even  more about our galaxies such as the Milky Way, Andromeda and other galaxies. I also want to go to space because I find it a very inspiring subject because space is never ending, you can never stop learning about it, its infinite! For example if you picked me then I might be able to discover a whole new galaxy! Thirdly, I would like to go to space because I would LOVE to see all the beautiful views that I have seen on google but not first hand. I have seen the pictures taken when directly over the Earth with the street lights which have made me even more eager to go up there and look down upon our entire planet

I feel this is a space-tastic opportunity because if I was picked out of thousands of ten year olds I would be able to observe all of our planets in the amazing solar system. If I got this valuable opportunity I would be the first child to enter space, I would feel as if I would bounce off planet Earth, jump over the moon, then blast all the way to Pluto. Being the first child to enter space would make me the happiest person in the whole entire universe!

I would be perfect to do this job because I am fit and healthy, I am small for my age so I can fit in tight narrow spaces and I have very good grades in my science. In particular, I’m good at carrying out tests, my favourite was when we made rockets that could shoot up 20 metres. This is important because we would have to carry out loads of tests. I feel that if you would not pick me you would have wished you did because I’m a unique person with skills that some people may never have! My teacher says she has never taught anyone like me! I know you might be thinking these are wild claims that anyone might make but it is true as I have this work online for proof !

I hope that you have recognised my skills and choose me to be the lucky child to enter space’s depths. I would greatly appreciate if you choose me to go into space.

Yours sincerely,

CHAPTER THREE - Launch day


Dear Diary,

5…4…3…2…1… BLAST OFF!!! I shot up into the sky like a cork being popped from a champagne bottle. As I gaze out of the porthole seeing a spectacular view, I’m struck by the technology that delivered us into space when just 100 years ago the horse and cart was still the common form of transport!

Just 24 hours ago I was in the crew quarters at our landing base in Kazakhstan getting ready for the journey of a lifetime! Training has been the hardest thing for me; one because I had to learn Russian because all the controls were in Russian and two; I had to do isolation training which was super weird! Guess what, we had to practise cleaning an old ISS which had years of grime on it. I felt very nervous when they were about to announce who would be chosen to go on a space mission with Tim Peake. When they called out my name I felt like I was going to cry. I couldn't believe it! I wondered why I had to do training during the six hour journey to the ISS then I realised that if I didn’t do training I would be all over the place. Now I got why we have to do training.

 As I entered 0g it felt like I had been punched in the back really hard by someone. It made it worse when Tim said we had reached one-thousand miles per hour WHICH FELT LIKE SOMEONE HAD KNOCKED ME OUT !!! “ Ouch!”

As I neared the ISS my heart began to race quicker and quicker. This was something I had dreamed about since I was four years old! I could already picture in my head me docking the iss and being greeted by friendly people. Then I realised I was making history as I was just now the world’s first child to enter space! I looked at Tim who was still focused on flying the rocket. Within a few minutes I was docking the International space station. Personally I found it very difficult to climb on board the ISS as the entry was very narrow. The men were very friendly and greeted me on board with a nice warm cup of hot chocolate and non floatable biscuits.

Once I got into space it felt like I was bouncing on an invisible trampoline I felt very disorientated as my brain was seeing one thing and my eyes were seeing something totally different!

Soon after my body had settled down from being pumped up everyone showed me around everything was miniscule compared to my mansion back in Miami it was like being trapped in a mini maze which made it even harder to float with 8 people going under and over you. Soon after I began to feel tired. I went to my miniscule apartment to rest. I purposely didn’t tie down my sleeping bag because I wanted to truly feel what it felt like to tr float about whilst sleeping. I bounced off walls like a crazy hooligan but somehow I managed to fall asleep zzzzzzz.

It has been a hard day but I know it is going to be harder. I`m looking forward to tommorow as we will be carrying out our first test.

Chapter 4 - My mission

Flood day