Joshua, Class 12

Joshua, Class 12

CHAPTER ONE - The advertisement

CHAPTER 2 - Choose me!

CHAPTER 3 - Launch day




As I looked out of my porthole, I was stuck with the fact that technology has moved on so quickly, that it put me in this position in the unknown depths of space.

As I prepared to meet the people on the (ISS) International Space Station, I went to the Johnston Space Station in Houston, America to experience exhilarating training. I also went to Star city, to experience unembellished type of Isolation in preparation for my assignment into outer space.

Being in space is amazing! The gravity is making vivid memories of family and friends. The crew up here are kind and generous so missing family wouldn’t be a problem. The docking took some time to happen so waiting was very boring as waiting is not my speciality. Finally docked, I experience the majestic magic of space called zero gravity. But then, I was time to go home, so we set course for earth.

Arriving on earth feels great seeing family and friends makes me happy it’s like as if I was put into spotlight.


CHAPTER 4 - My mission