Lewy    , Class 11

                                 Lewy, Class 11

CHAPTER 1 - The advertisement

CHAPTER 2 - Choose me!

Maryland Primary School

Gurney Road


Thursday 23nd March 2016


European Space Operations

Centre Strasse 5


64293 Darmstadt


Dear Major Tim Peake,

I am writing to enter the competition ‘Take Me Into space.’ I think I’m the best student for the job. I hold my own against the competition even though thousands have applied I am positive that I can encourage you to pick me.  

I want to apply because  I want to see the galaxies,stars,city lights,thunder and maybe spot and name the ninth planet by Ivory Coast with the UK flag. I also want to apply because I want to be the first child to experience space. This is a golden opportunity as I really want to accomplish this mission to discover if humans can adapt to a weightless environment.

Firstly,I am a person who  gives 110% as I am dedicated to everything I am told to do. Recently I moved cities from London to Norwich and then back again. This was difficult because I had to say goodbye to all my friends and cousins that live near me.Also the miracle of me coming to maryland again was exciting as I got to see my old friends and see brand new friends .But I overcame this because during my time in Norwich I got to see my friends during the summer holidays.Also I am NOT  boastful,just imagine the catastrophic mistakes I’d create. In football, I understand the value of teamwork and using every man for the job. This means I don't mind being a substitute,captain or co-worker but I am grateful for everything.Furthermore I can fit in a tiny atmosphere and I am healthy.I learnt that if you are sick in space a virus may spread and there might be a zombie apocalypse only if I feel sick so one little mistake and it could claim our lifes . In my previous home my sister had a room double the size of mine, but instead of grumbling, I used my space wisely and only used necessary objects.  I can adapt new lifestyles easily as I constantly go to my friends house for a sleepover.This helped me as every house has a different size and a different location to explore and learn from. I am a good critical thinker so if the aircraft malfunctions then I can fix it, no problem!Also I can easily pick up different languages so that is one fret solved. At home we speak French and English.I adore mzaths so I can calculate the amounts of miles we might go up and convert  to kilometres, or even light years!

When I'm not at school, I love to play a game called Minecraft.The main objective of the game is to build lots of cool building(Eiffel tower) and survive your first night so this improves my survival skills.

I know you might say that you need a person with the profession of an engineer but I assure that with my dedication I can fulfill your needs and maybe pass your expectations!  

I hope I have convinced you to pick me, Tim. Once again I hold my own against the competition.

Yours sincerely,



CHAPTER 3 - Launch day


Dear diary,

As I gaze out of the porthole on our planet I'm struck by technology that delivered me to the space station today, when just 100 years ago the horse was the common form of transportation .24 hours ago I was in the crew quarters in Kazakhstan  getting ready for a journey of a lifetime a job like no other. I'm hoping that 2 years of training was enough.

We trained in Star City  Russia-it was confusing as they spoke Russian and they had wacky food but tasted really nice. We did lots of experiences like; Training in a deep pool to experience a weightless environment and we stayed in a tiny room only as big as a 6 storage cupboards in the kitchen; this was to help me fit  into tiny places.

Just as we left Earth I just said a few prayers for safety as my hand shivered on the steering wheel. I was feeling nervous. We are about 100 miles up and we are going at 1100 mph as I was forcefully strapped in my seat. As I peered out of the porthole I recognize the colours changing. I could see purple and blue merging together.  As the colours started  changing  it showed me the colours of the atmosphere as they ebbed away and space began.I heard a Russian man shouting Russian commands as I rotate my position to the controls.A few seconds ago I noticed the pointer levitating.

I'm having trouble adapting the weightless atmosphere constantly messing up my somersaults,feeling dizzy and throwing up.

I've done loads of challenges like:

  • Drinking water
  • eating an apple in 0 gravity
  • And most importantly bringing seeds that had six months in space and experimenting it on how they grow.

I’m the first crew member to put my foot on the ISS and it has lots of luxury items. I can't believe that I get to when it's the most expensive item on the earth

Chapter 4 - My mission

CHAPTER 5 - Newspaper report