Mathew, Class 11

Mathew, Class 11

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CHAPTER ONE- The advertisement

CHAPTER TWO - Choose me!

European Space Operation,

Robert- Bosch Strasse 5,

64293 Darmstadt,


Maryland Primary School,

Gurney Road,





Dear Major Peake,

                     I am writing to you in order to enter the competition ‘Take me into Space’ .With my skills I may be the best candidate for the job. In this letter I will explain why I want to go and why I should go.‘ Why do I want to go’ you might say? The main reason I want to go is because I want to explore the mysterious depths of space. I also want to go to experience the amazing environment of space, to see the wonders of space, to smell the odour of space, to hear the voice of that wondrous place and to taste the tea in space as I have heard it is delicious! I want to observe Earth and the other planets including the recently discovered planet, the ninth planet, from space. I’m sure you know many children say that they want to fly and for me flying would be beyond my wildest dreams, wouldn’t 0G make this dream true? If children from 9-10 aged children are really being offered this chance I would not stop to do anything else.

Clearly, you will be inundated with applications for this competition but I’m sure I don’t have much lack in expertise as I have got high marks in subjects such as maths and science. I do know many people have these skills as well, however, they will keep on boasting about their skills rather than show you their personality too, having a creative personality and mind will help encourage the team to think outside the box.

I go to yoga every weekend to increase my calmness so that when things get tough I don’t lose my temper.I think I am calm enough to not get angry at my team members. Imagine, if someone lost their temper and started fuming about something  in space. It would be catastrophic! As someone who wants to be an astronaut, all I can tell you about is my past experience for example: I  go on a daily run everyday to stay healthy, astronauts need to be fit because in a dangerous  environment such as space,  health is vital so you do not catch any illnesses and are fit for the important jobs that the astronauts are doing...I would always be there to help with experiments and daily chores. I have gone caving before and this will help me get used to the dark  environment of space and the loneliness that people can feel. My final reason is my size , I am not very big so I would easily  fit into small spaces.It is because of these above  reasons that I implore you to allow me to go to space. I would understand if someone else was chosen but I know that I am the best for this job and I would greatly appreciate if you allow me to go to space.

Yours sincerely,



CHAPTER THREE - Launch day

Chapter 4 - My mission