Mohamed, Class 11

Mohamed, Class 11

CHAPTER ONE  -The Advertisement



European Space Operation Center

Robert-Bosch Strasse 5,

64239 Darmstadt,




Dear Major Peake,

I am writing to enter the competition`Take Me into Space’. With my  skills I think I am the best candidate for this mission.  In this letter I will be telling you the reasons why I am best suited to be an astronaut.

Firstly, I want to explain why I want to go to space. I want to understand what weightlessness might  feel like. I think it would feel like flying  in open air, maybe I'm wrong. Secondly,  I want to see the perfect view of space the solar system, I’ve seen pictures, but imagine what gazing into space from the outside . My third and last reason I want be an astronaut is because I love space. This journey would  be a dream come true.

I would make an ideal astronaut because I am a small child and can fit in small spaces. My favourite hobby is going through a cave, for example caving every Saturday with my dad. We went to train and see who is the smallest of us, I always win because I am actually smaller than him.  Secondly, I adore reading. This is key to being an astronaut because if you are the driver you need to read the controls so you can control the spacecraft.   

At school, I love caring for our chickens, every day I  go down there and have fun with them, in space I can bring this experience - to take care of the ISS. My teacher says that I am an  expert at experiments, my favourite experiment was linked to identifying materials. In the experiment we were trying to identify the best material for soles of shoes. The conclusion we found out is that sandpaper is the best material because it is fast and smooth. I realised that our results might have been wrong because the carpet had a bump on it and it was not a fair test.

I know you might say I am way to small for the mission but being small is also helpful on the ISS because if you have trouble reaching equipment I can easily grab it and prepare all the experiments. I am an expert at climbing and when we are launching and landing I will be able to understand the height of the rocket. As an eggspert I can show you my dedication and perseverance- I never give up! I stand out from the rest because I am very hardworking but sometimes I like to play jokes, but this is important in space- I’ll make sure that everyone has fun!

Yours sincerely,



CHAPTER THREE - Launch day


Dear Diary,

As I gaze out of the porthole, I am struck by the technology delivered us to the ISS. When just 100 years ago, the horse was still the common form of transport. Just 24 hours ago, I was in the crew quarters at on the ISS Kazakhstan. It took me two years to train. I spent my time between Moscow and Houston. I had to spend time to learn Russian so I can speak to my crew mates and I could speak to mission control. I felt worried because if I made a mistake then the rocket might explode. I spent time underwater to experience weightlessness, it felt like I was flying in space. This is a job like no other. I spent my time training in caves, it was weird because we were in the caves for 12 days and it felt essential. This was to get me use to small spaces. We also had to make sure we were fit and healthy because we need to fit through small spaces.

We were ready to take off to our fantastic journey. It felt nerve-racking.The launch was exciting. As we were 48 miles high, suddenly the boosters dropped. I felt nervous. As we shot up in the sky, I could see different colours like light blue and then dark blue then black as we reached space, I felt my heart jumping. The journey took 6 hours . Suddenly the pointer on the ceiling jolted and I felt the punch of zero gravity it was terrifying Instead of pointing downwards, it began to floated up. I could not fill my body it was numb.

Docking was eventful, the autopilot stopped working so I had to take over! Thank goodness I could remember my Russian as all the controls were in that language. The rocket locked onto the ISS station and the port opened. I was the first one off the rocket onto my new home space. It felt exciting. We met our new team mates- it was fantastic.They took loads of photos of us in the iss.

I skyped home and told them I arrived safely. It was time for tea I was astonished that the tea here is better than earth.


Chapter 4 - My mission

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