Olivia,Class 11

Olivia,Class 11

CHAPTER 1 - The advertisement

CHAPTER 2 - Choose me!

Maryland Primary School

Gurney Rd

London E15 1SL

European Space Operations Center                                                                                                         
Robert-Bosch-Strasse 5                                                                                                                                                  
22nd March 2016                                                                                                 

Dear Major Peake,

I am writing to enter the competition “Take me into space.”With my skills I think I am an excellent candidate for the job.In this letter I  will explain the reasons why. Firstly I want to go because it is a golden opportunity of a lifetime. I want to see the beautiful world.I want to feel 0 gravity.I can imagine it would feel  just like flying but instead floating.I also know Russian so I could be perfect.I am fascinated  by all the planets we discovered ,so I would like to try finding some.I could spot a 9th planet with the help of the ISS crew

I should go because I had the highest score in  science and english,99%, and I am an expert at controlling things. For example remote controlled cars .This would be critical because I would have to remember what the controls do, in case someone else forgets. My other reason is ,I could be the first child in space.I could also find out about more planets further than the 8th planet,Pluto.
Even though I am 10 , I am our school’s chief eggspert with a cool head in tough situations. This was really important when the fox ate all our chickens. I was the only one to be calm .I am athletic, particularly in football , therefore you can choose me.People can trust me ,so you can trust me on missions. Teachers always award me like golden child or star of the week.I know you might say I can’t go but I could make history.

Please let me know once you have chosen.Please choose carefully about who you will choose.
Yours sincerely,

CHAPTER 3 - Launch day

Dear diary,

As I gaze out of the porthole on our planet, I am struck by technology that delivered us to the space station today when just 100 years ago the horse was still the common form of transport. Just 24 hours ago, I was in the crew quarters at our loading base in Kazakhstan getting ready for the journey of a lifetime.

The preparation has taken 2 years. Training has been challenging. I spent time between Russia and US.I needed to learn Russian because I needed to speak to the people there.I also had to have underwater training.I needed to have health and fitness experiments on my own body Part of the training was spent on a pretend ISS so that we would know what we should do.

We practiced zero gravity in order to feel how it will be in space. We felt nervous because in space it is very dangerous.

I was in the spaceship with all the other astronauts. It was an amazing site, at first I felt scared as the boosters went apart. The velocity was 110 mph, my body felt very weird that I can’t explain how it felt.

This was a job like no other.As I looked out of the porthole I could see our beautiful planet, Earth, I could see the colours change white to blue. The space rocket jumped out of zero gravity, the pointer jerked .I felt the punch of zero gravity. Suddenly, everything started to float.

I was so worried because in space it is very dangerous. I was the first member of the crew on board the ISS I felt very proud of myself. As we docked, I floated through the entrance it was like this was a dream.The other team members knew I had made history, I was the first child in space ever! As I was floating through the ISS I began to feel very dizzy and disoriented. As I came through the docking chamber I had to greet the astronauts, they were taking pictures of me as I arrived into the ISS.I called home, everyone was proud of me.

The 24 hours have been rough and dizzy. I mastered some somersaults, but I cannot really do it , but practise makes perfect. There is also a running gym for us. The most important thing is to call my family and friends. The tea also tastes good and I love floating . Tomorrow we will find out more about the rocket seeds that we have planted today.

Good Night Diary

Chapter 4 - My mission