Sahir, Class 12

Sahir, Class 12

CHAPTER ONE - The Advertisement


This is the book of the diary that helped take Sahir Ahmed, in Class 12, to Outer Space. In a few years another child will go. This will be the book that helps that child survive 6 MONTHS in Outer Space.

Author Acknowledgements


Sahir would like to say a big thank you to his schoolmates for encouraging him to do these impossible things.


“Absolutely fantastic”- The Daily Mail

“The best book by far”- The Telegraph

“A Must Buy book”- The Evening Standard

CHAPTER 2 - Choose me!

European Space Operations,

Robert-Bosch Strasse 5,

64239 Darmstadt,


Maryland Primary School,

Gurney Road,


E15 1SL,

22nd March 2016


Dear Major Peake,

I want to apply to go to space because I am a doctor and pilot for the RAF, if I am not selected I will become an astronaut trainer and I can speak many different languages. I want to go into outer space since I was at the stage of infancy. I have often gazed at the stars and wandered what it will be like to be up there with these magnificent stars. My dream is to fly where I have never flown before.

I am a doctor and pilot in the RAF. If anyone in the crew falls ill I will be able to treat them with my medical knowledge. However, hopefully no one does as we are all as fit as a fiddle. I am a pilot. I will be able to fly the rocket as if I were a person who had flown it before. I know what all the objects on the dashboards are and what they do. This will surely help me.

If you don’t select me it will be okay as I will become an astronaut trainer and help others prepare for their trips. I have studied space at Oxford University and already know things like the diameter of the Milky Way or how black holes form.

My third and final reason is that with knowing so many different languages I will be able to communicate with native citizens nearly every country that currently exists. I know Bengali, English, German, Spanish, French and many more.

Your might say just because I am 10 years old I will not be able to go to space. My target is to be the first child in space. My schoolmates teased me at school but I want to prove them wrong.

Be insouciant and take your time on this decision. I would relish the opportunity to work with you and your company. I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Sahir Ahmed

CHAPTER 3 - Launch day

Wednesday 13th January 2018

Dear Diary,

What a frantic day! My training made me even more prepared. This trip is really mentally demanding.

We had to train between Houston and Moscow. First we had to do research about Space. I treasured every moment. My least favourite training was the Isolation training. It was an extreme environment! The room had zero G (no gravity/ G force) and a model of the ISS (International Space Station). But the team was friendly. Including Tim Peake.

This is a job like no other. I can felt the adrenaline rushing through my body. I stared at the crowd and felt as if I were to be sent into Space forever. I’ve had 6 years of preparation and l feel frightened because anything can go wrong. My face was pale with fear but at the same time l was happy as l was on the brink of the flight of my life. I am was strapped into my seat. We blasted off. All the fuel was burned and created a whole gargantuan cloud of smoke surrounding our rocket.  We had a velocity of 1100 mph. The engine remained stable. We were 48 miles high in the sky with the altitude ascending. The boosters dropped away in an amazing fashion. I gazed out of the porthole; I smiled upon looking as l knew what an achievement I have attained.

I had officially made history. “One small achievement for a kid, one COLLOSAL achievement for Great Britain.” The words I spoke after we docked into the ISS. I copied Neil Armstrong but changed the words. It took SIX HOURS! I didn’t believe it! I was elated, proud and brave. I knew the adults couldn’t do this if they were back to ten years olds. When we came in, we greeted each other then we used Skype to communicate with our families.

The first 24 hours were kind of rough. I was dizzy and disorientated, but practise makes perfect. The tea tasted divine and I enjoyed sleeping while floating. I have to master the somersault and practise running on the treadmill for the London Marathon. All in all, this will be an amazing experience.

Bye for now,


CHAPTER 4 - My mission