Nikita, Class 11

Nikita, Class 11

CHAPTER 1 - The advertisement

 Poster by Nikita and Tonis

Poster by Nikita and Tonis

CHAPTER 2 - Choose me!

Maryland Primary School

Gurney Rd



European Space Operations Center                                                           

Robert-Bosch-Strasse 5, 64293,                                                                                               



22nd March 2016

Dear Major Peake,

I am writing to enter the competition:`Take me into space.`With my skills I think I am the best candidate for the job. In this letter I will explain the reasons why.

Firstly, I want to go because it is a once in a lifetime GOLDEN opportunity as I would be the first child in space. I would feel proud of myself as no other child has done it. It would feel really exciting as I could do lots of activities. I really want to experience weightlessness because I think it would be really fun as I could do a spacewalk although it is dangerous. It would feel petrifying but really cool. Also I want to see the spectacular view of our splendid Earth. I know it would look wonderful.To see our world below me would make me think like I am in heaven.

You should pick me because I know Russian which is important as I can easily read controls so I can drive the spaceship. I am also top of the class at maths because I got 99% in my maths and this will help me with technology and if something goes wrong I could easily fix it. I am also fit and healthy because I do a different variety of sports which will help me in small spaces. Last year, I began a new hobby of diving. This taught me how to feel weightless . I love diving, this could help because I won’t get dizzy and tired that quickly. Diving will be crucial because space is full of extreme environments so I will be used to it.

Clearly, lots of children will want to apply, however I know that I have the advantages that no one else has. For example I am good at all of the things an astronaut has to be really good at.I love working as a team, in class I always help everyone including my teacher. My health and fitness will be important because if I wasn’t healthy I would probably die as there isn’t much food up in space.

My knowledge of languages and maths will also help me with the things that either stop working or brake.

Last year my teacher nominated me as the ‘boy of the year’ because I was really kind and helpful to everyone. Mrs Jackson was really proud of me of being the best boy in the school!

I hope you found this useful. Please think carefully about your choice and get in touch as soon as possible.

I hope to get a nice answer from you

Yours sincerely,






CHAPTER 3 - Launch day


            Dear Diary,

  As I gaze out of the porthole on our planet, I am struck by the technology that delivered us to the space station today when just 100 years ago the horse was still the common way of transport. Just 24 hours ago, I was in the crew quarters at our landing base in Kazakhstan getting ready for the journey of a lifetime!

Preparation has taken 2 years. I trained  under  water because in water you can float and it is similar to how it is in space with zero gravity.Part of the program was also to experience isolation, so I spent 12 days in really small caves ,I got good at crawling through . There is not a lot of space in the ISS (International Space Station).

Training has been challenging, its has been all about my fitness and keeping healthy. I was training between Houston and Star City in Moscow. It took lots of concentration and the training station specialised in the extreme environment of space. There was a pretend ISS station in America.  This was really important because I could get to know where everything was stored and felt prepared I was in the rocket now and was ready to launch. The people were counting very excitedly.

This job was like no other. I knew I had to treasure every moment.

  I felt happy, calm and cool. The next thing I felt was adrenaline creeping up my body and it was an emotional moment as everyone was shouting ‘Good Luck’ from Earth. Suddenly I was already in the air and 48 miles above earth. Unbelievably, we were travelling with such force. The velocity was 1100 mph  and I could feel it in my chest and head as they were pressed against the seat. The boosters were already dropping away and as I entered zero gravity, there was a huge punch of force and the sharp pointer jerked on the ceiling . I was strapped in my comfortable seat so tightly I could not move a muscle. I had butterflies in my belly as I knew soon I was going to float! Outside the window I could see the bright blue light shining through the window. After a few minutes I could see the light turning blue, dark blue and when we were really far away from earth the window turned black.We were entering space.

  We were docking now and I was feeling exhausted as it had been a long journey (6 hours). I was the first crew member entering the ISS. I had to grab onto the handles to float and climb into my new home for 6 months. Everyone who was already on board greeted me kindly. After a while I went to a special room that had a rather interesting looking laptop. I called and skyped home to my family and saw a moonrise. I was exhausted and couldn’t help but worry for my family. However I knew I had made history for being the first child in space and I was really proud of myself.

  Life on the ISS was amazing and the tea tasted lovely. After 24 hours my ears heard one thing however my brain thought the very opposite, it made me feel quite sick. It was a bit rough but soon I will get used to it. I felt a bit dizzy and disorientated but I don’t mind. I ran the treadmill as I am going to run the London marathon in the summer and I need to train. When it is night time I will not tie myself into the sleeping bag because I like floating and bouncing of the walls. I have also mastered somersaults but it is still not that good but practice makes perfect.

Good night diary!

Chapter 4 - My mission

Flood day