Sepo,Class 11

Sepo,Class 11

CHAPTER 1 - The advertisement


CHAPTER 2 - Choose me!

European space Operation centre                                               Maryland Primary School

Robert-Bosch-stasse 5                                                                         Gurney road

64293                                                                                                         E15 1SL


Dear Major Peake,

I am writing to you to enter the competition ‘Take Me into Space’. With my skills I am the best candidate for the job. In this letter I will explain the reasons why. Firstly I want to go to space because I am the best person to learn about space.  My favourite lesson is science. The best thing we learnt was the solar system It was my favourite lesson because I got to learn about all the planets. I would love to see  the ninth plane! Importantly it will be a dream come true, that I have been waiting for my whole life.

To persuade you, I promise I will do my best because I know the most about space in my year group for example I can tell you 20 facts about all the planets. I think you should choose me because I am one of the top scientists in in my year group. I got 100 percent which will help with experiments that I do in space. I love technology which would help the control the rocket. My favourite game is Minecraft.This will help when I’m on the ISS because it really helps me build things.   I have a good work  because I like working in teams. Just like football, you have to work as a team.

I have trained to be an engineer so if something bad happens to the rocket I can fix it. I know if I do not train hard and don’t understand it could mean  certain death.

I know that lots of people applied but I do have an advantage because for example I can run five miles. I can climb small places. I know the planets in order. I know you might be think I am not good for the job, but I will prove you wrong.

I think I have a good opportunity to go to space. If I go to space I can show you my training and skills. So do we have a deal? I look forward to hearing from you and if I got the job.

Your sincerely,



CHAPTER 3 - Launch day


Dear diary,

As I gaze out the porthole on our planet, I’m struck by the technology that delivered us to the space station today when just 100 years ago the horse was still of transport. Just 24 hours ago, I was in the crew quarters at our landing base in Kazakhstan getting ready for the journey of a life-time.I can’t quite believe that this is happening.

Preparation has taken 2 years. Part of my time was spent between Houston and Moscow.  I had to travel 12 day isolation training underwater to experience a weightless environment and had health & fitness tests on my body. These two years have been exhausting but I am doing my best.

You need to learn to speak Russian so you can understand what they are saying and how to use the controls.This will be important on the rocket  because if I don’t know how to speak Russian the rocket can explode. On the ISS, it will be a dream come true.


The job is like no other job in the world. My six years of training have been the best but now I think I am ready.I was the first child on the ISS it was amazing it was the best. Even better when I met my crew team.

The launch was incredible. I took my last step off planet Earth. The the voice in my ear..’5..4..3..2..1..Liftoff!’

I was strapped in my seat, the only thing I could move was my fingers. I could see the pointer on our ceiling doing its job. My body felt like sand was being poured over it. The jolt of the boosters dropping was the next feeling. 48 miles high. I luckily got the seat next to the window. The most amazing sight met my eyes, white, light blue, blue, dark blue, black. We were entering space and leaving our atmosphere behind. Then the pointer did its second important job, it jumped and jolted. We  were punched by the force of gravity ending and weightlessness beginning.

Docking was scary. We had to turn the autopilot off and take over the manual controls. I was glad for those Russian lessons. It added an hour extra to the 6 hour flight time. As we lined up the portholes, Uri, did a fantastic job of docking, we’d arrived. My new home for the next six months. They let me be the first one on board. The other crew were there to welcome us. I clambered on board, well not really on- it was more like climbing through. My first taste of floating.

We skyped  home.  It was really good to hear mum and dad’s voice. I know space is  incredibly dangerous and that they were worried about me. The launch and docking are the most dangerous stages. Now, with six months ahead of me, I can get a true understanding of space and begin all the experiments.

In  the evening my meal was a nice cup of coffee . I was experimenting on the somersaults floating. I was in bed I am really comfortable it just like at home but without mum and dad  and everything else .So it is time for me to sleep good night diary.

Chapter 4 - My mission