We know how excited our children get about their writing being published on this website, but we think you'd like to read it in THEIR words.

"I understand, now, why I have to improve. As it will be on the internet, I know loads of people will see it. This makes me check it is a Year 5 standard otherwise people will think I've just rushed it. I like writing for our website as if I don't know a word, or need to find a better one, I have time to research and improve the word." Fazeel, age 10. 

"I've been able to show off my work to my family abroad." Minhaz age 10. 

"I never thought I was any good at writing, now I really enjoy it." Jeidon age 10. 

"When I first found out about wE-PUBLISH, I was thrilled. I never thought that my work would be published on the internet and I've never been more proud of myself."  Ifrah age 11.

"The wE-PUBLISH website makes me feel like an author and makes me slow down when I'm writing so that I can check and edit my work." Gresa age 10. 

"I have a reason to write!" Lewy, age 10. 

"I feel it has really changed my writing because now I'm using better grammar. It is easier to correct and edit on the computer, so I don't have to keep rewriting the whole thing from scratch." Daniel age 10.

"My handwriting has improved because I know other people will be reading it. I'm proud of my work". Sepo age 10.