Our books from when we were in Year 5
2015/16 - OUR BOOKS

If you were 10 years old and saw an advertisement offering just ONE place on a space mission to a child your age, wouldn’t YOU literally ache to be that chosen child who heads off to the ISS (International Space Station) for 6 months?

That is the premise for our books. We constantly follow Tim Peake’s progress from training to launch and then his posts from space. They fill us with ideas and ambition which we hope you will see in our writing. We are also looking forward to him coming back, as we are taking part in the Rocket Science experiment, using seeds that have been into space with him. We’ll plant them on his return to our planet.


Our books developed in six chapters between January and July 2016.

Chapter 1 - The advertisement (persuasive poster writing)
Chapter 2 - Choose me! (persuasive letter writing)
Chapter 3 - Launch day (diary writing)
Chapter 4 - My mission (writing a report)
Chapter 5 - Return to Earth (recount writing, news report)
Chapter 6 - The interview (write an interview for the One Show)
Cover and Blurb

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Our Year 5 eco-warriors have produced a sustainability brochure with their Year 2 colleagues. Have a look below.