Yusuf, Class 11

Yusuf, Class 11

Have you ever wondered what life in space is like?

How people get there?

What they did?

Then this is the book for you!

This book is about a CHILD IN SPACE!

This book contains a poster,a persuasive letter and the diary of  me in space.

Readers say that they can’t believe that a child has been to space.If you want to find out about this mind blowing event start reading now!


CHAPTER ONE - The advertisement

CHAPTER TWO - Choose me!

uropean space operations centre                                     Maryland Primary School

Robert Bosch Strasse 5                                                                         Gurney Road

64293 Darmstadt                                                                                            London

Germany                                                                                                         E15 1SL



Dear Major Peake,

I am writing to enter the competition “takemeintospace”.I am different from the other astronauts as I want to be the first child in space.With my skills I am the perfect candidate for the job.In this letter I will explain the reasons why.

Firstly ,I would like to go because this is a once in a lifetime golden opportunity because going to space is like a dream come true.Experiencing space is amazing because there are so many things in space that are not on earth such as 0 gravity.There are millions of planets that can still be discovered for example a ninth planet in the solar system has recently been discovered and there might be a tenth planet in our solar system still to be found.If I went to space I would be able to study beyond my knowledge but not just my knowledge,I could study beyond science. This will be so important because it could help our lives on Earth.

You should choose me because I’m good in extreme environments.I know this because I have experienced it and done very well coping with it. At weekends I climb trees and play outside in extreme heat, when I'm on the space station climbing will be useful to adjust to weightlessness and climb through doors and windows.I can also read many languages which would be useful for controlling a spaceship. I am fluent at Bengali. My football skills are excellent, I always save lots of goals. Because I train and I do not give up because I am resilient .

I know you will say that  there are millions of other people that want this job, but I can guarantee that I am the best . No one else can be as good as me because I am always top of the class in Maths, particularly in my arithmetic- I know I will need to calculate speed and altitude! There might be people better than me but I do not think that they have as much interest in space as me because I am really interested in space and want to know more.

I hope you understand how much I want this job and I love the idea that you are willing to take a child to space.Children in space are important because they have smaller bodies which makes them better astronauts. I hope you choose me for the job.

                                             Yours sincerely,



CHAPTER THREE - Launch day


Chapter 4 - My mission

CHAPTER 5 - Newspaper report