Zahra, Class 11

        Zahra, Class 11

CHAPTER ONE - The advertisement

CHAPTER TWO - Choose me!


Maryland Primary School

Gurney Road



European Space Operations Center,               

Robert Bosch strasse

564293 Darmstadt


18th March 2018

Dear Major Peake,

           I am writing to you to enter the competition ‘ Take me into space.’ I want to apply for this to see our planet  Earth, other planets, stars or even spot other galaxies. I would also like to apply to be the first 10 year old in space. It would be beyond my wildest dreams to fly in 0 gravity! I can take part in science experiments to maybe find life on other planets! To find a planet that can hold life will mean that I would change British history.

I am the right person for the competition because I am small for my age and I am a girl, this helps because I will be able to fly around easily, I’ve heard that girls make a better astronaut... But I know it is dangerous because I might float away, I realise how deadly space is.  As a girl, I like to play football and I eat healthy food. Being healthy in space is so important because you can’t get overweight and, if you’re not well then disease can spread in the spacecraft.  We could all die!

I must tell you that I have got 99% in maths and science. This is crucial for being a good astronaut, because you don’t want to make any mistakes with the controls. Being an astronaut means that I have the chance to change  human history.I will be great for the ISS  because I am particularly skilled in craft and art. For example, I designed and built a boat out of hard leather as part of our study on Vikings. I could really understand how the shape of the boat helped it to sail fast. This will set me apart from the competition because art might not be linked to space, but it does make me creative and I always have lots of good ideas.

I know that you might say what is so special about an ordinary girl becoming an astronaut but don’t judge  a book by it’s cover! I know that when you meet me, you will find out that I am quite short but don’t be surprised as I have many clever tricks up my sleeve.   I am a most formidable character, in school my teacher thinks sometimes I can be funny but assertive.  It would be an honour for me to go to space.

Finally I await for your reply in the hope that I am  the chosen one.

Your sincerely,
 Zahra Haddou

CHAPTER THREE - Launch day

July 16th 2018

Dear diary,

As I gaze out of the porthole on our planet, I’m struck by the technology that has sent me here, when just 100 years ago the horse was still the common form of transport. Just 21 hours ago, I was in the crew quarters at the landing base in Kazakhstan getting ready for a journey of a life time!

Training has been very challenging, travelling from Houston to Moscow this is because of the different types of tasks that I had to do such as, isolation training  and under water training,  to help me feel more like I am in space. Preparation has taken 6 years. I had to be confident and brave. Every moment of training was like gold from a treasure chest, even though all I needed was concentration. The hardest part was learning to speak Russian. This was a job like no other, as I was always thinking of the final countdown; I was thinking that only luck would give us happiness.

The launch! This was the main part of the day; I was strapped in tight as I burst out into tears of joy and fear. When we reached 48 miles high the boosters on the spacecraft dropped. As the spacecraft went 10 times higher I could see the colour of the sky change from white to blue to black. Will I change British history? I thought.

In the first 24 hours, I felt quite dizzy I couldn’t see very well so I tripped over the cables of the spacecraft a few times. I have not mastered the summersault yet but practice makes perfect. I need to sleep early in order to get on with my experience quickly.

Good bye diary!

CHAPTER 4 - My mission